Monday, 19 February 2018

Amcrest WiFi IP cameras

Unless you are Wi-Fi IP security camera professional, you must be troubled when choosing one for your house. This is mainly because the choice is so wide and it usually gets confusing. Who can we trust? How can we know that the security camera that we will choose is the best alternative for us? Well, it is not easy, but still possible if you follow this article carefully. First of all, do not trust anyone who is selling their product to you, they might be useful, but remember that they lack information about your house, what you are looking for and what features you will need. Rely more on yourself. However, before you do that, collect some information about Wi-Fi IP cameras.

1.What kind of Wi-Fi IP camera are you looking for? Is your IP camera going to work indoor or outdoor? Knowing answer to these questions is important, because the cameras differ a lot and some are better for outdoor surveillance and some for indoor. Indoor cameras are usually smaller in size and designed to blend with your house interior. Outdoor cameras are larger and usually have built-in lights and are weatherproof.

2.How do you want to install it? One thing that is significantly different in cameras is installation type. It really depends on whether you are going to install it yourself, or you are going to use a service for it. Usually, Wi-Fi IP cameras are easy to install, so in the most cases, you can install it yourself. In this situation, this type of cameras is the best for you. More features your camera is going to have; harder it will be to install. Outdoor cameras tend to have more complicated installation process, than indoor ones. Usually this is because of their shape. Dome cameras work better for outdoor surveillance, but as they should be installed on the ceiling, it gets harder. Some indoor cameras do not need any installation at all, except connecting it to the network.

3.What is the purpose you are purchasing the WiFi IP cameras? Are you going to install it to protect your house from intruders? in this case you are going to need high resolution and functions like zoom in, slow motion and so on. If you are looking for an indoor camera for purposes like watching over you kids or something like that, you have to pain more attention to high quality sound and good enough volume.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Amcrest IP Camera Guide

While the development in security surveillance market gives consumers various options and alternatives, this same factor complicates decision making process. We will explain every detail you will need if you going to buy IP security camera. Here is a guideline for you with pros and cons, price range and other useful information.

What Is IP Camera? 

First, let us explain what is IP security camera. It is a device that work on principles of Internet Analogue (IP). for this reason this type of camera is also called network camera. Most Camera have built-in computer and they can operate independently. Some IP cameras need connection with Network Video Recorder (NVR) to be controlled. Some IP cameras can not be connected to regular DVR. IP cameras can be connected to NVR with cables or through the air, using WiFi.

It can work in centralized or decentralized mode. In decentralized mode IP device does not need to be connected to Network Video Recorder. It can work independently. All cameras have their own IP address. It need to be connected to NVR only in centralized mode.

We have already said that It are capable of working without NVR but having one is always a good idea. If you buy NVR and connect it to you camera you will have backup video footage. Plus you can save 24/7 video recording during one month.

Why Should You Choose IP Security Cameras? 

●You can connect you IP camera to mobile device or computer to receive alarms or other notes via messages or emails;

●It have advanced control system. Chances of getting false alarms are very law;

●These devices are more flexible than traditional DVR systems and easy to install as they work on WiFi.

Different Types of IP Cameras 

Not all are the same, here are some very popular types: 

●Dome Cameras - mostly used in commercial places this cameras are resistant to weather conditions and vandalism. However, installation process of this camera is more complicated than installation of other.

●Mini-dome Cameras - they look almost like dome cameras but are even more resistant to vandalism;

●Bullet Cameras - these cameras are called so because of their cylindrical form. Bullet cameras are the most popular and well recognized type of IP security cameras. This is the most budget friendly IP camera you will find;

●Indoor cube cameras are almost always installed in the corner of the room. They come with built-in microphone so you can use indoor cube camera as a baby monitor.

Guide To Choose Right IP Camera 

We recommend you to have a clear vision of what you want from your camera before you spend money. If you want to install your camera outdoor then definitely buy outdoor camera because indoor devices can't operate outside a house of office. Dome cameras are hard to install but they are resistant to bad weather conditions and vandalism. You can also use bullet cameras as they are easier to install and are more flexible.

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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Amcrest Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras

When it comes to securing what we love, we want to do our best. It works the same way with safety, especially safety of our house and the ones we love. Statistics do not lie, more than 50% of burglaries happen during the day, when no one is home. This tells you what to do - install an outdoor security camera. Choice is wide, there are traditional analog cameras, IP cameras and Wi-Fi cameras. We recommend outdoor Wi-Fi cameras.

Outdoor security cameras are essential for you home security system. Not only is it important for your security system, it can also have many other applications, such as recognizing who was ringing the doorbell earlier and then running away, or what made that strange noise, that scared you. Wi-Fi security cameras have been around for not too long, but have taken massive market immediately, because of their useful qualities.
What are some of the qualities, that helped it become so popular among costumer? First off, installation. Compared to good-old wired security cameras, wireless cameras are easier to install, a lot easier. It does not even take you to call professionals, you can just follow the instructions and install it yourself. You don't have to think about climbing the roof of your house, fishing wires through walls. All of this hassle is left in past. Other good thing about is that you can take it anywhere. One of the biggest pros of Wi-Fi outdoor camera - it's easily rearranged and moved. Wi-Fi cameras offer more features than wired ones. This can be really helpful, especially for outdoor cameras, as they have to work in different weather and light. Last, but not the least, it's user friendly. What we mean by this is that it offers remote accessibility and direct observation from your device. You don't have to panic about getting the recording from it and then taking it to someone else. With Wi-Fi outdoor cameras, you can simply share it with your device.

Let's take a look at some important features for exterior Wi-Fi cameras:
  1. Field of view - this might be the key feature for any outdoor security camera. It means what angle of the area can your camera cover. Bigger the angle, less cameras you need to control your whole surrounding. There are 360 degree cameras, too, but usually they have 120 degrees of coverage.
  2. Night vision - we have already mentioned that exterior cameras will have to work in different light. You might also need to check how well it works with really bright sun light, but night vision is a must.
  3. Sound - think about what you are expecting from your camera. Some of them do not offer voice recording, they just record visually.
  4. Movement - depending on what is your camera's recording angle, this feature will be more or less important. Some cameras tilt or pan, what increases covered area, but sometimes it loses definition.
  5. Resolution - this feature measures how clear the image is in your camera. It will help you identify faces and items.
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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Amcrest IP Security Cameras

What is the best way to keep your house, business, or any other building safe? The answer is – security cameras! While you have a wide choice, one that will be worth every penny are IP security cameras. So, what is an IP security camera? It is an Internet protocol digital camera, that can send and receive signals and information via the Internet. Do not think that these cameras are only capable to keep your home from an intruder. They will also protect the building from fire as long as you have a security system. It will help you manage electricity and protect you from gas you cannot see or smell.

What to consider

Market will offer dozen different styles and kinds of IP security cameras. So, which one do we choose? You have to consider several things. First off, get some information about IP security cameras and before purchasing it, pay attention to its quality. The best choice might not be the cheapest, but remember, that security is the top priority. Your IP camera should have high definition for it to record each detail. In addition, check its recording angle to have as few blind spots as possible. Some of the cameras have revolving cameras and they cover 360 degrees, but quality might be poor.

Depending on where you are going to install your security cameras, you might as well need to consider their resistance. Cameras do not need to be waterproof or handle rough climate, unless you are using it outdoors. Choose carefully for outdoor cameras, it has to have some kind of protection against rain, sunlight, temperature… Some IP cameras might also feature night vision.

Security camera secures you, but you also need to secure it. Most cameras have more than one in-built storage. You can insert memory card to secure its recording. IP cameras will give you additional alternative to save your recording online. Second thing you need to secure you IP camera is power. There are two types of cameras, one that need wired power supply and others, which work on batteries. If your camera work on batteries, do not forget to charge it.

Analog vs. IP

Compared to traditional analog security cameras, IP cameras are more beneficial. As it is really easy to share your recording with pretty much anyone with Internet protocol cameras, it might take a lot of time to get the recording from the analog one. IP Cameras offer more tools to analyze your video. For example, hardly any analog cameras have good quality zoom functions. So, maybe it’s worth a switch. If you are looking for a new security camera consider both options. Discuss all types of security cameras (bullet, box, dome, PTZ) and choose which one will serve you the best.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Security camera – not a luxury any more

Security camera is not a piece of luxury any more. As technologies and tech industry develops fatly expensive devices become more and more affordable for most people. Anyone who wants to keep their home or office safe can afford a security system nowadays. Price is not an obstacle nowadays but still making right decision can be a difficult task. Security camera market is vast and for this reason some people just can’t choose the one they really need. Before buying security camera you should decide the type of the device suitable for your needs. Your decision will depend on the variety of factors such as: price, where you need to install the camera and how complex you want the system to be.  Security cameras can be several types:

  • Indoor security camera
  • Outdoor security camera
  • Wired camera
  • Wireless camera
  • black & white camera
  • Color camera

You can choose to buy single camera or whole house camera system. They can be hidden if you want.

Black & white camera VS color Camera

Mostly people who want to protect their house by installing security camera does not need colored data. Big corporations and companies chose color cameras for more detailed images. However, In any case you should make sure that your camera provides high quality black and white image. Otherwise, you will have problems with identifying people or subjects. If you need an outdoor camera you should make sure that it has quality night vision. Otherwise outdoor cameras will only be useful during daytime.


While wireless cameras send information and data through air, wired cameras need cables to connect with storage. If you want to avoid too many wires running all over the place we recommend you to purchase wireless camera. If you want to save collected data for a long time you may need DVD recording device. Generally standard DVD recording device saves information collected during 55-60 days. If you have multiple camera make sure that your DVD recording device has enough storage to save all collected data.


Analog cameras are “traditional” security camera. Most of us imagine analog surveillance camera when thinking about security camera. This device is has a big size and a lot of wires. Analog surveillance camera is the most established type of security camera worldwide. Although this type of device can be quite affordable, its system is very complex and card to install.


Network cameras, also known as IP cameras, are the most advanced security devices. IP cameras work by both power and data down Ethernet cables. This makes initialization process easier as you knew fewer cables.

Price of security cameras

Thanks to modern developments in technology market more and more companies create competitive security systems. The quantity of product creates and opportunity to choose from affordable versions starting from 20$ to move expensive and sophisticates devices.

Indoor or Outdoor camera?

Outdoor cameras can operate indoors. But indoor cameras can not work outside. If you want to install your camera in a garden or a yard you should consider several factors. Whether, dast and other risk factor can affect you camera, so it should be more resistant to these factors.

The market gives you an opportunity to choose from several hundreds of Security Cameras. You can buy suitable device for you online or in local shops.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

What Makes IP Security Cameras Stand Out

If you are in the process of securing a security surveillance system, it is always important to consider the IP security camera for both your business premises and home security. It comes with amazingly outstanding features that help in improving your security surveillance. We all want to live, reside or work in an area that is secure or feels secure. IP security cameras provide this feeling and make them stand out compared to other.
So, what is an IP camera? It's commonly referred to as an internet protocol camera is surveillance cameras which unlike other traditional or analog CCTV, the camera can sends or receives data via an internet connectivity or computer network. Never mistake a webcam to an IP camera. An IP security camera is specially designed for surveillance.

Here are some of the amazing features that make the IP cameras stand out.

Megapixel / IP (Internet Protocol)

With traditional security cameras, you are always limited to the number of features you receive. The most common feature you are limited to is the possibility of digital zooming. With modern technological advances on the IP camera, you are more likely to see more precise images than you could have with analog cameras. In terms of megapixels, any remote viewing is more achievable with IP camera.

More plenty features come along with these security cameras such as the price, compatibility, and flexibility of the design, but the IP cameras will always stand out in the world of business in the provision of superior quality images and better functionality.

Vandal Resistant / Weatherproof

Many businesses need video coverage in many outdoor cameras such as parking lots, docking areas, and garages. In most areas, the weather can be rough especially during the winter seasons. If you have a weak quality camera, it will get destroyed making you dig deeper into your pockets. A commercial Ip camera will come with a weatherproof housing that will protect the camera from other elements and vandals.

That being said, you need to understand the common types of IP cameras:

Fixed Cameras - With these cameras, the viewing angle is set and is permanently mounted to cover a specific area of surveillance. The camera coverage area is visible, and the lenses are easily changeable.

Fixed Dome Cameras - The surveillance cameras are set in a small dome type housing to cover a particular area. With their housing features, the cameras are an excellent choice for outdoor services. However, the number of lenses attached to these cameras will always depend on the size of the dome.

PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Cameras - These cameras can be remotely controlled automatically or manually for the tilting, zooming, and panning. The cameras are standard with government projects to help in detailed surveillance.

With these features in mind and the type of camera you want, it's up to you to decide which camera you need to fully satisfy your needs.

Stay secure and choose an IP security camera!

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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Consider IP Security Cameras

What is more important more than the security of your business, work premises or home! Security is one of the frequently discussed topics by data service providers. Why is our safety so important?

Security is hard to underrate or overstate. But when you take a closer look at why safety is so important, it becomes evident on why many companies invest most of their resources in keeping their data and facilities secure.

The IP security camera is a boom in the security market. IP, standing for internet protocol, is a surveillance camera which unlike other analog cameras, the camera can receive data via the internet or a computer network.

So, what are some of the best reasons why you need to consider IP security cameras for your home surveillance and security?


IP cameras are easy to use, just as easy as using a computer mouse. So, if you can use a computer mouse, you can get that done with IP video. With the easy to use menus, the guide can make first-timers look like experts in their game.


With more advanced technology, IP cameras give a higher resolution compared to other traditional cameras. Since they use advanced mode of technology, IP cameras are an end to end cameras that use progressive scanning to make a full capture of the imagers. This gives a boost of the resolution up to 25%.

With even more advanced cameras, the IP may come with megapixel cameras, that will always deliver super high resolution in a series of 30 frames per second in the real-time video.


IP makes use of the internet; thus the camera requires no or lowers cable. This makes the cabling costs to be extensively low. Unlike analog cameras which need more than three wires, video, audio and power for every camera, IP cameras can transmit all three in a single network cable. The single cable can handle more than eight cameras.


We all love intelligent people. So do we like an "intelligent" system that will never fail you when you need any information! Advanced IP cameras are equipped with onboard processors to analyze the occurrence of events in real time. This will always keep you alert about any criminal or suspicious activities.

Secure Transmission

There is no need required for external hard drives since the transmission is end to end to encrypt your data in ensuring complete privacy. This eliminates the thirst of acquiring expensive fiber optic cable for data transmission.


The days of buying an entirely new recorder to add up for the extra cameras in your problem areas are long gone. IP cameras use specific software's that will allow you add additional licenses to match the number of cameras needed for that room. This can save you money in comparison to the analog systems that often require new Dvr in addition to any camera.

Never take chances with your security, instead buy yourself an IP security camera to make sure your business is safe and secure.

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