Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Keeping Your Home Exterior Safe

It is very important that your home exterior be kept safe as possible so intruders are not able to get inside your home. One of the best things that you can do to keep your home safe is to get a Wifi camera, which many can be found from places such as Amcrest.

Things to do on the Exterior of Your Home to keep it Safe

There are many different things that you can do to the exterior portions of your home in order to keep it safe. Some of the things that you can do for your home include:
  • It is important to keep the exterior of your home well lit at night time. You can do this in order to discourage criminals. Motion detecting flood lights on low-lit areas should be placed around your home.
  • You should post stickers and alarm signs on the exterior of your home. Even you if do not even have an alarm system, the alarm decals and signs can be a deterrent to criminals.
  • You should not leave any heavy objects in the backyard. You do not want to leave things in and around your yard that can be used to throw through windows, such as patio tables, chairs and bicycles.
  • You should invest in security cameras (such as Wifi cameras). The cost on these kinds of cameras has come down a lot from what they used to be and they will do a lot for the price you will be paying for them. You should take measures to make sure that the criminal is not able to easily remove the camera from your property. Wifi cameras are also good they allow you in monitor your home while you are away from your home. You can literally monitor the system while you are on your cell phone or the Internet.
  • It is important to have highly-visible house numbers so that the police can easily identify your home if they need to get there in a rush.
  • You should always lock your gates. If you do not want unwanted people scaling your fences on your property, you can also leave some nice surprises on top of the fence if they think about scaling it.
  • You should never under any circumstance enter your home if it looks like it has been illegally entered from an intruder. If you feel that some criminal is either inside your home or has been in your home, you should leave the premises immediately and call the police so they can check out your home for you to make sure it is safe to reenter.
  • Always be aware of the trash you leave on the curb. Break down any boxes from recently purchased large items, such as televisions and conceal them from criminals’ eyes.


There are many different things that you can do to keep the exterior of your home safe from intruders. One of the best things that you can do is to install a security system, such as Wifi camera from places such as Amcrest.

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Security at Holiday Gatherings

If you are looking for an IP camera, you need to look no further than Amcrest. You will be able to find a wide variety of amcrest security IP cameras. You will be able to find a camera that will work just for what you need it to do. If you are planning on having a holiday gathering, the following article can help give you some tips on keeping you and your guest safe the entire time the party is going on.

Security Cameras

One of the best things that you can do at your holiday gatherings that you are hosting is to have IP cameras in place. The cameras can be placed throughout the area people will be gathering and they cameras can also be placed in parts of your home that people should not even be going to. The cameras will keep you, your guests and your house and belongings safe. Yes, it is good to put the IP camera in a place where all the guests are going to be at to keep everyone safe but it is just as important to place cameras in other parts of your home. Yes, you want to be able to trust everyone that you are inviting into your home but the fact of the matter is that you just cannot trust everyone that you think you can trust. Even if you are not able to have someone monitor your cameras for you, if someone does try to do things to your home or its belongings, you will have proof later on. It is always best to be safe than for something to happen that you regret by not having cameras in place in your home to keep everyone and your home safe.

Monitoring Entrances

Another thing that you may want to do is to have someone at the entrances to your home, especially if you are having a long list of people that you have invited to your holiday gathering. If you are not able to have someone at the door that is going to know everyone that you have invited, it will be wise to have a guest list that people need to give their names to the person monitoring your door. Most of your guests are not going to get upset with you if you decide to do this but they are most likely going to appreciate you do this to keep everyone safe. 

Photography Taking

If you are concerned with people taking a lot of photos while they are inside your house for safety and privacy reasons, you will want to mention to this others before they arrive to your holiday gathering. As long as others know that you do not want this, they should not have a problem with this.


Holiday gatherings can be very fun for everyone but it is very important that you keep you, your home and all guests safe while they are at your holiday gathering. One of the best things that you can do for safety is to install an IP camera in your home.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

What IP Cameras Will Do for Your Restaurant

If you are looking for a wireless IP camera to place in your restaurant, you need to look no further than Amcrest. IP cameras will do a world of wonders in keeping your restaurant safe for you and all of your patrons.

What They Can Do

When you place just one or many different wireless IP cameras in your restaurant, they are going to do a lot for you. Once you place the cameras in your eating establishment, you are going to be wondering why you actually waited so long to place these cameras in your restaurant. The following are a few of the more common reasons that owners decide to place IP cameras in their restaurant:
  • They will catch thieves and/or vandals 
  • They will protect both your customers andstaff members
  • Deter robbery
  • Monitor all of the delivery activity coming into and outside of your restaurant
  • Theft of employees
  • Any suspicious activity
  • You can monitor the activity no matter where you are at

Inside Jobs

Sadly, it is very likely that you are going to have robberies happen in your restaurant that are the result of an inside job. Statistics report that over 80% of all restaurant robberies are inside jobs. It is very important that you keep an eye on employee activity with wireless IP cameras. Just because you trust all of your employees, this is no reason to not get an IP camera.Security systems, such as IP cameras have proved to halt employee theft. Owners can have access to an instant replay through the security camera system, even if they are at home for the evening. 

Keeping Your Restaurant Safe

Besides wireless IP cameras making sure that theft is not going to happen in your restaurant, the cameras are also going to help in just making sure that your store is staying safe for everyone that is in the restaurant. If your customers and employees know that you have cameras in the restaurant, it is going to make them feel better about being safe. Also, if you tend to have customers that tend to misbehave, having wireless IP cameras in the store is going to help deter them from doing things that they should not be doing while they are in your establishment.

Suspicious Activity Outside of Your Restaurant

Besides placing the amcrest security cameras inside your restaurant, it is also a good idea to place the cameras directly outside of your restaurant. You can place the cameras so they are facing the sidewalk or the entrance to your store. If your restaurant has a parking lot, it is also a good idea to place cameras in your parking lot to monitor your parking lot, which will help to keep your store, employees and customers safe.


If you are looking for wireless IP camera to place in your restaurant, you need to look no further than Amcrest. The cameras will help to keep crime down and keep you, your employees and customers safe.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Safety in Warehouse Facilities

If you are looking for a wireless IP camera to place in and around your warehouse facility, you need to look no further than Amcrest. Besides of the obvious use of security cameras, the following article will give you tips on keeping your warehouse facility as safe and secure as possible.


Dumpsters should not be placed near an accessible door as they can become ideal places for thieves to steal inventory for later pickup and removal to cars. You should position your dumpster in a way that discourages thieves. You can also place wireless IP cameras around these areas.


Warehouses should not have too many doors. There should only be one door that is open and there should be a guard in charge of watching this door. If fire regulations do require more than one door, you should use bars that set off an alarm if the doors are opened. IP cameras can also be placed around the doors.

Staging Area

Staging areas should not be located too close to the loading docks. If no one is around to keep an eye out, it would be easy to take something and put it in a truck. This is also a great place to put wireless IP cameras.

Shipping and Receiving Doors

Receiving and shipping docks should not be too close together. A barrier should be placed between each of the doors. 

Parking Lot

Parking lots should not be too accessible to employees who might steal inventory. The warehouse doors should not be too close to the parking lot. It is best to have parking lots separated by a comfortable distance from the warehouse doors. Wireless IP cameras should be placed in parking lots to keep employees from stealing items. They also should be placed around the area to keep employees safe coming to and from the warehouse facility.

Break Rooms

Break rooms should be placed in the area of the warehouse where visitors or guest area can get there without any access to inventory. It may not be best to place security cameras in this area, so employees can feel free to take a break that they deserve. If you do feel a need to place cameras in the area because of legal reasons, make sure to alert employees about the cameras being in their break room.


Restrooms should be placed in area close to the entrance of the warehouse facility. You do not want truckers to have to walk through the entire facility just to use the restroom. It is always best to keep unauthorized people out of the warehouse or within a limited path if they must be inside the warehouse. You can place IP camera outside the restroom but do not place them inside the restroom because major privacy issues will be altered.


Bushes are a good hiding spot for things stolen out of the warehouse. You should remove bushes or lock the doors to curtail this avenue for thieves.

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