Monday, 4 July 2016

WiFi IP Camera: Are You Safe Against Digital Snooping

The use of a WiFi IP camera is all good but you need to make sure that you are going to be safe from people digitally snooping once you start using them. Before you purchase a WiFi IP camera, you must make sure you know what security features are on them to keep you safe from intruders. Many WiFI IP cameras can be found at but it is important that you do you research to get the correct one that is going to serve your needs and keep you safe at the same time.

Do Your Research

A WiFi IP camera will let you monitor your home using specific software through the Internet but if you are not careful, other people could be viewing your video feed. You do not want other people to be watching what it going on in and around your house. Before purchasing a WiFi IP camera, make sure that you thoroughly look at all the security features that come along with it. There are three things to look for:
  • Secure wireless transmission
  • Secure Internet transmission
  • How multiple users can connect

Secure Wireless Transmission

If you are sending the feed to your home wireless router, make sure the IP camera supports a wireless security protocols, such as WPA2.

Secure Internet Transmission

If you are accessing the WiFi IP camera feed remotely, make sure the camera is going to encrypt your personal information and all of the live feeds that will be going through the Internet. You want to make sure the camera uses SSL/TLS – this means all of your information is going to be secure.

Multiple Users 

If you want multiple users using the feeds, make sure you have different levels set up to access the information. You may not want everyone that has access to be able to change settings and change how the camera is facing and such. There may be times when you want someone to look at your feeds but not at all times.

Using Security Features

Make sure you set up your WiFi IP camera with the security features. The following steps should always be completed before using the camera:
  • Keep the software up-to-date at all times
  • Check the camera’s password settings
  • Use a strong password that is not typical in any means
  • Enable all of the camera’s security features

Accessing Camera from your Phone 

Before you access your feed from a phone, make sure that all of the same security features are in place for mobile accessibility. The following items should be checked before opening up the app on your phone:
  • Confirm that the WiFi IP camera app is completely up-to-date
  • Make sure you set up a strong password that is not typical
  • Log out of the app whenever you are not using it
  • Make sure your phone has a strong password on it
  • Always use a secure WiFi connection when accessing the app

Accessing your IP camera is a great tool but always make sure you are safe. It is best to not use the mobile app from a public WiFi hotspot.

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