Tuesday, 12 July 2016

IP Cameras: 5 Types to Compare

IP cameras are fancy names for different types of webcams that are commonly used for surveillance. These cameras are digital video cameras that transmit videos over a local network or the Internet. With the use of IP cameras, it is possible to remotely monitor a security system. Each different type camera is used for a specific purpose. 

It is important to know what camera will do what for you. There are 5 different types of IP cameras, all of which can be found at Amcrest.com, which include:
  • Decentralized and centralized IP cameras
  • Wired and wireless IP cameras
  • Fixed and PTZ IP cameras
  • Day and night IP cameras
  • Megapixel IP cameras

Decentralized and Centralized IP Cameras

Centralized IP cameras are security cameras that are linked together in a network. This type of storage will make sure that the footage stays safe even if the actual IP camera is lost or damaged. A decentralized IP camera is camera that is not linked together with other cameras, where videos will go to a local storage medium. There is a very small chance of losing all videos at once with these cameras.

Wired and Wireless IP Cameras

A wired IP camera is linked to a network or the Internet in which the camera uses the maximum network bandwidth to make sure it keeps a good connection. A wireless IP camera is connected to the network with the use of WiFi. A wireless IP camera is easier to install than a wired camera but the connection is not always as reliable.

Fixed and PTZ IP Cameras

A fixed IP camera is a network camera that is placed in fixed positions. They are used to take videos of the same area. A PTZ IP camera can use the tilt and zoom feature, which allows videos to be taken from different directions and angles. Fixed and PTZ IP cameras come in the box form or a dome form. A fixed dome IP camera will point only in one direction but a dome camera can swivel 360 degrees. Dome cameras can also be wired, wireless, centralized, decentralized, megapixel or day and night cameras.

Day and Night IP Cameras

A day and night IP camera is used to provide surveillance and video the entire day. During the day time hours, your IP camera is going to work just like a regular IP camera in which it will take full-color videos and images. During night time hours, the IP camera is going to use infrared light so it will be able to take quality black and white videos and images.

Megapixel IP Cameras

Megapixel IP cameras have a high resolution lens where detailed images are going to be taken. If you want quality images that you can really see, this is the type of IP camera to go with. When using this type of IP camera, you must have a high bandwidth and storage capacity if you want to be able to transfer and store high definition images and videos. If details are important to you, go with a megapixel IP camera.

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