Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Safety Tips for Home Interior, Vehicle and Garage

If you are looking for a Wifi IP camera to help keep your home safe, you need to look no further than Amcrest. The following article will list some safety tips to keep your home safe besides the use of an security IP camera.

Home Interior

  • Get a security alarm with interior motion detectors and set it when you are at home. Criminals rely on alarms not being set while someone is home and awake.
  • Make sure your alarm is monitored and will continue to work in the event you lose power in a storm.
  • Get a secondary alarm keypad in your bedroom that can be used to sound a panic alarm.
  • Have a family plan in your home in the event of a home invasion, talk the plan over and know what each person’s should do in an emergency.
  • Consider a safe room where you have the ability to protect yourself and call the police.
  • Keep your cell phone by your bed for you to call 911 in an emergency.
  • Keep weapons in places that you will likely be taken to in an invasion but make sure they are not where children can reach them.
  • Have a loaded gun mounted inside the door to your safe.
  • Get a barking dog which can bring unwanted attention to a burglar but do not rely on your dog to attack a criminal.
  • Change alarm codes from time to time.
  • Record serial numbers of expensive items and have backups of your computer off-site.
  • Mark and engrave your property with your driver’s license number to help in returning your stolen property or discourage theft in the first place.
  • Discuss the importance of home security with everyone in your home.
  • Bolt down safes, filing cabinets and lock up expensive items.
  • Keeps windows and doors locked at all times.
  • Shred all personal documents using a shredder, including credit card offers, envelopes with the name of your bank and more. 

  • Keep a weapon and tools to defeat restraints concealed in your vehicle.
  • Keep spare vehicle keys or important spares in a lock box or safe and not within reach of anyone that may be able to gain access to your vehicle.
  • Always keep the alarm set on your vehicle, even when it is parked inside your garage.
  • Place your car keys next to you while you sleep. You can press the car alarm panic button in an emergency.
  • Consider disabling the release-cord to your electric garage door opener, especially if you have garage door windows.
  • Change the factory setting for the garage door opener code. It is very common for thieves to drive neighborhoods with common openers looking for doors that will work with the factory settings still in place.


There are many different things that you can do to keep your home and vehicle safe from thieves and home invaders. Besides doing many of the above safety tips and tricks, it is also important that you have a Wifi IP camera inside and outside of your home in order to keep your home extra safe.