Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Home Security Tips

If you are looking for a wireless security camera, you need to check out the variety of cameras that you can find from Amcrest. You will find a wide selection of amcrest security cameras to keep your home safe.


It is easy to secure your home using inexpensive, but effective, tools. Home security is a must have for every homeowner out there. You do not have to spend a lot of money in order to make your home safe. Some of the best ideas are simple ideas. Reducing the number of break-ins that happen in your neighborhood can improve your home's value. No one wants to live in an area where there is a high amount of crime, which is why investing in a wireless security camera is a great idea.


You need to use a video camera in order to take inventory on everything you have in your home. Many smartphones have video cameras that produce adequate videos. You need to walk slowly around your home and record furniture, jewelry and electronics. When doing this, you need to make sure that you record the serial numbers of all valuables.You should then save the video and make a backup in case your insurance adjuster asks for proof that you owned certain items.


You need to set up a barking dog monitor. To do this, set up the alarm next to your door by securing it to the wall with screws. When someone comes within a certain distance to your door, the alarm will sound like a dog barking to ward off would-be burglars. You should also install double-cylinder locks on your doors, as they are more secure than deadbolts.


Windows are common entryways that burglars are going to use in order to get into your home. You should install window locks on every window and sliding glass door. You should also place vibration alarms on the glass. Doing this will prevent thieves from opening the windows or doors. If a burglar breaks or knocks against a window, the alarm will sound off.

Outside Your Home

Burglars are going to have an easier time breaking into homes that have a lot of hiding places outdoors. You need to keep shrubbery around your home to a minimum. You should also install a motion detector floodlight near your front door to illuminate anyone coming at night, which may scare off people looking to break into your home during the night time hours.


One inexpensive method of room surveillance is to utilize the tools on a computer. This is a good thing to do if you are leaving for the day and want to make sure others in your home are not stealing things from you. There are many computer programs you can purchase to put on your laptop to monitor your room the computer is in. You can also get a wireless security camera, such as ones found from Amcrest for all of your surveillance needs.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Windows and Doors Safety

If you are looking for a Wifi security camera to keep your home safe, you need to look no further than Amcrest. Besides using a amcrest security camera, it is also a good idea to make sure that the windows and doors in your home are kept locked and not able to be broken into. The following article will talk about keeping your home safe so others cannot get in when they should not be doing so.

It is important to keep your home from becoming a target and take steps to protect yourself. You must educate yourself and plan. The following steps are good way to get started on keeping your home safe from intruders.


You do not want to make your windows an easy access in order to get into your home. You need to make sure to:
  • Always lock windows, even windows that are not on the first level.
  • Use secondary locking devices on windows in order to prevent them from opening past a certain height.
  • Make sure that windows have vibration or glass-break sensors connected to your alarm system.
  • Consider solar screens on your windows which will save on your cooling bill but also allow you more privacy and prevent people from looking in your windows and viewing your home. Solar screens also screwed into your window frame, which will make than more difficult for an intruder to remove.
  • Look into anti-break window film as an option for your windows. If you have glass doors, they need to be double-paned and laminated.
  • Basement windows should have bars or anti-break window film over them.
  • Secure any windows where air conditioning units are attached.
  • Put dowel rods in the track of your sliding glass door in order to prevent them from being opened if the lock is bypassed in some way.
  • Secure skylights or roofaccess with hardware that is upgraded or with the use of anti-break window film.
  • Be cautious of the shrubs that are surrounding any exterior windows. Sharp shrubs will discourage entry points around windows.
  • Always trim your exterior bushes in order to prevent hiding places.
  • Trim any tree limbs that allow second story or roof access.


You do not want to make your doors an easy access in order to get into your home. You need to make sure to:
  • Use solid-core exterior doors including in your garage.
  • Exterior doors should all have deadbolts.
  • Install wide-angle peepholes in exterior doors and use them before answering the door but cover them up when not in use.
  • Purchase anti-kick door solutions to prevent forced entry.
  • Door chains are not going to do much good.
  • All locks should be high security locks.  
  • Install longer screws (3” screws) indoor jambs and hinges.
  • Have spare keys hidden in uncommon places outside your home or with a neighbor.

It is important to keep an uneasy access to your home. Besides making sure access is not easy, you may also want to invest in a Wifi security camera, such as through Amcrest.

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Cameras at the Work Place

If you have interesting an IP camera, you need to look no further than Amcrest. When looking for a camera, it is important that you know exactly what to expect out of a camera.

Keeping Everyone Safe

One of the main reasons that you are going to find an IP camera in the work place is to make sure that everyone is kept safe while they are working. Besides keeping all workers safe while they are at work, the camera can also help in keeping others safe that have to come into the workplace for other reasons. There are quite a number of ways that people will feel unsafe while they are at work. Some of the ways people feel unsafe while they are at work may include:
  • Unwanted visitors coming into the work place
  • Deliveries being made into the work place
  • Coworkers being unruly
  • Theft of personal valuables

Unwanted Visitors Coming into the Work Place

An IP camera is a good way to keep an eye on unwanted visitors that may come into the work place from time to time. It is not always easy to keep everyone out of your work place that does not belong there. This is especially true if you have a lot of workers that are coming in and out of your building throughout the day. It can be especially helpful if you place one of these amcrest security cameras at the main entrance to the work place. The camera can be helpful in letting others know that they are being watched. The camera can also be helpful as long as someone is actually viewing the footage in a live view.

Deliveries Being Made into the Work Place

It is very common for different people to come into your work place that are from different vendors. Vendors are going to be dropping materials off to you throughout the day. The actual vendor may drop the materials off or they may send another company to deliver the products to you. You may feel that you can trust all of your employees but it is not always as easy to trust all of your vendors and the people they are contracting out to drop off the materials that you have ordered. The IPcamera should be placed in plain view as soon as the vendors come into the work place. Someone should also be monitoring the recordings your camera is taking. 

Coworkers Being Unruly

You want to be able to trust all of the employees that work at your place of employment, the fact of the matter is, you cannot always trust everyone. It is very common for employees to become unruly with one another. An IP camera will all employees feel safe while they are working.

Theft of Personal Valuables

Installing a variety of different IP cameras in the work place can help keep theft down of personal valuables between employees. Doing this simple and easy task can help everyone feel better throughout the day.

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Importance of Knowing Your Neighborhood

If you want to keep your home and property safe from criminals and intruders, it is important that you know your neighborhood and the types of things that are going on in and around your neighborhood – it is very likely that you will be unpleasantly surprised on what is going on right in your own neighborhood. Just as important as it is to know your neighborhood, it is just as important that you have a amcrest security wireless camera that is monitoring your home and property for you.

Being Cautious

You are going to know when something is strange or out of place in your neighborhood. If you see a strange car in your neighborhood with many people inside, you should be aware of things like this. This is why it is important that you know your neighborhood. You need to know what cars and people should be in your neighborhood. You should always be cautious of any changes and shifts in the baseline of regular things that go on in your neighborhood. If you are leaving for work in the early morning and you see a strange car parked around the corner, you should not ignore the strange car. Maybe circle the block and see if it is still there when you return. It would definitely be worth you being a few minutes late for work and blame it on the traffic than for you to ignore the car and something happen, such as a break-in into your home.

How to Get Out in Your Neighborhood

One great way to get out in your neighborhood in order to scope what all you see is by walking your dog. By doing this, you can learn your neighbor’s patterns, what cars they drive, how many people are typically around a residence and more. If you do not have a dog, you can just talk strolls in order to learn your neighborhood. When you are out and about in your neighborhood, meeting your neighbors is never going to a bad thing. You may even learn some things about your neighbors and you may want to stay in touch with them or may even want to stay far away from them. You should also know what construction vehicles and lawn mowing companies are known to come into your neighborhood. You should not be afraid to call the police on a strange person or vehicle that may seem to look out of place. It is better to be paranoid than to later regret not preventing something from happening by calling the police. Professional criminals are going to stakeout your neighborhood. They are going to observe the patterns of when people come and go in your neighborhood and when the best time to hit them is. If something feels wrong in your neighborhood, go with your gut. 


It is very important to get to know your neighborhood to know what all activity goes on. Besides knowing your neighborhood, it is also good to get a Wireless security camera to help keep an eye on your neighborhood activity.