Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Best Places to Put IP Cameras

If you are looking for an IP camera, you need to check out Amcrest. You will be able to find a wide selection of amcrest security cameras to choose from to keep your home safe from people who do not need to be there. 

Master Bedroom

One place that you definitely are going to want to place your IP camera at is in your master bedroom of the home. There is nothing worse than being robbed and not knowing what a burglar took. This is why bedrooms are a very good place to put cameras. You want to be able to see what all that the burglar took from your home. Most people have most of their most valued possession inside their master bedroom. When you do this, not only can you confirm the stolen items, but you are more likely to capture a burglar’s face while they are looking around a room than if they walk by one of the entrances to your home.If you have an IP camera with two-way audio, you can negotiate the release of the stolen items right then and there. You can literally tell the burglar to get out of your house or you can let them know the police are on the way to get them. You may not want to let the burglar know that the police are on the way but it may be worth a shot because it may save your items from being stolen if the burglar knows that they are going to be caught on camera.

Other Places to Install IP Camera

When it comes to placing the camera, there are many different locations throughout your home you have to choose from. There are both indoor and outdoor camera positions for the most popular break in locations, such as:
  • Main entrances including front and back doors
  • First floor windows
  • Thoroughfares within the home that lead to all bedrooms
  • Garages
  • Front yard
  • Backyard 

Others Options for IP Camera

Some other things that you should consider when placing cameras include things such as:

  • Night vision cameras behind a glass window cannot detect heat outside; get a standard IP camera for indoor use
  • Outdoor cameras require access to a power source
  • Avoid pointing indoor or outdoor cameras directly into the sun; consider where the sun is at throughout the day
  • Position cameras at an angle in order to avoid backlight from windows and doors
  • Avoid positioning cameras too high, especially if they are close to walkways and entrances; the height should be where the face of burglars are going to be at
  • Consider multiple cameras for large areas like backyards
  • Monitor entrances to identify an intruder before it is too late


It is very important to place your IP cameras in the best possible positions. Good camera placement is just as important as having one of the cameras in the first place. If your IP camera is not in a good place, it may be not even worth having one. 

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