Monday, 9 January 2017

IP Camera for Elderly Patients

An IP camera, such as the ones found from Amcrest is a great way to protect a nursing home. The number of elderly living in group or nursing homes has been rising consistently. The high demand and large numbers of elderly people living in groups makes security a top priority. A smartly installed amcrest security IP camera is an easy and effective way to keep your residents and staff safe from theft, vandalism and unwanted intruders.

Benefits of Nursing Home IP Cameras

  • Easy to Install: An IP camera is easy to install. You mount the camera and connect them to your recorder.
  • Protect residents and employees: Putting the cameras in entry and exit ways can help protect staff from unwanted intruders. Cameras that are placed near exits can help you prevent confused residents from wandering outside with no one around to watch them.
  • Secured building: An IP camera placed in parking lots and open spaces can dissuade thieves from breaking into cars or loitering on the facility’s property.
  • Remote broadcasting: The camera will allow you to broadcast your security footage over the internet and check it from any accessible device. This can be helpful if you manage multiple care facilities or have a particularly large home. You can monitor all facilities to make sure all your locations are safe without having to be in multiple places at one time.
  • Improved images: An IP camera can provide great quality footage in comparison to analog systems, which makes it easier to identify the person that is in your IP camera.

Risks of Cameras at Nursing Homes

  • Privacy: In order to protect the privacy of employees and residents at the facility, you need to keep cameras in public places such as dining rooms, sitting rooms, reception areas and kitchens.

Configuration of Cameras at Nursing Home

There are many things that need to be considered when setting up an IP camera for an assisted living facility, such as:

  • What are your most important security issues?
  • Are the surroundings of your facility contributed to your overall security?
  • Do you want to catch certain events on your cameras?
  • What type of facility are you?
  • Do you have specialized care, such as memory care?
  • Does your facility only cater to a certain type of group of patients?
  • Has your facility ever had problems with employee theft?

Setup Advice for Assisted Care Facilities

  • An IP camera should be placed in open areas where residents and staff seem to congregate, such as activity areas, dining halls, TV rooms and hallways.
  • Place cameras in entryways and reception areas so a clear shot of each visitor is taken as they enter and exit the building.
  • Cameras should be placed in stockrooms and supply closets to help you monitor supplies and in order to prevent theft.
  • If your facility has more than one building, you should consider network video recorder, which will allow you to view the camera feeds over the internet and allow you to check on the footage from any camera of the cameras at any given time.

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