Sunday, 29 May 2016

IP Cameras Can Help with Garage Fires

People do not put smoke detectors or fire alarms in their garages and a fire inside your garage can quickly catch into your home. One way to keep tabs on your garage in case there were to be a fire is the use of an IP camera.

ip camera

Put an IP Camera in Your Garage

If you install an wifi ip camera in your garage, it will be able to let you know if you were to ever tragically have your garage catch on fire. The sooner a fire in your garage is caught, the sooner the firemen will be able to get into your garage and home to put the fire out for you. It is very important to catch the fire as soon as possible because you definitely do not want the fire to reach inside your home.

Do Not Rely on a Memory Stick in Your IP Camera

It is very possible that your IP camera would be completely burned up if your garage were to catch on fire. If you store all of your security camera recordings on your IP camera’s memory stick, it is very likely that it will prevent you from knowing how the fire started in the first place. It is very important to store all of your IP camera security recordings off-site just because of this reason. You want your IP camera to let you know that a fire is in your garage but is going to also be important that you know how the fire actually started so you can be proactive in fixing the problem. If your IP camera were to get damaged in case of a fire, all of your security recordings will stay safe in the cloud.


A garage fire is a perfect example when using the use of cloud storage should be used for all of your IP cameras. If you have an IP security camera in your garage and a fire were to take place, you could be alerted as soon as possible about the fire and will also be able to hopefully see how the fire even started in the fire place. It is very convenient to store all of your footage off-site but it also simple to do. When something unwanted does happen in your garage, no matter if it is fire or whatever else, your IP camera is very likely to be damaged but what the footage of the IP security camera shows is going to be very valuable to you. Just think, if a thief were to get into your garage to steal and damage things, if they see an IP camera, one of the first things they are going to try to do is to damage the camera so you do not have proof of them being there and taking things that are not theirs. If you are looking for an IP security camera, it is very important to use a storage service that is off-site.

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Monday, 23 May 2016

Outdoor Home Security Cameras Are a Must

wireless security camera

If you want to keep your home secure, it is very important to install an outdoor wireless security camera. There are many places, such as Amcrest that have the exact wireless security camera you are looking for to keep your home and loved ones safe.

All Homes Should Have a Wireless Security Camera

Every home should have an outdoor security camera. The cameras are easy to install and can be up and running in just a few minutes. The cameras come in come in both wired and wireless versions but the wireless ip camera version is definitely the way to go. If you go with an infrared camera version, it will let you be able to can see in the dark and will cost you just a few dollars more, which is definitely worth the same price you will be paying for this feature. The video images that you take will be able to be displayed on any monitor and television. If you get a home automation gateway, you can broadcast the video images from the wireless security camera using your home automation system.

Keeping Tabs on Your Kids

If you want to keep an eye on your kids while they are playing outside, installing a wireless security camera is a great idea. No matter if the kids are playing in the pool, in the backyard or out front of the house, the security camera can help you keep an eye on them while you have to be indoors. If your teens are having an outdoor party, the camera can also let you not be with them the entire time but also you can have peace of mind that they are doing what they should be doing.

Outdoor Security Camera Scenarios

If you happen to hear a noise outdoors and need to check on it, if you have an outdoor security camera, you can check the footage of the camera before you open the door to make sure things are safe outdoors. With the use of a wireless security camera in your backyard, you can ensure that all is clear before unlocking the door and going outside. Another example may be if you hear a crash in the garage. Garage theft is one of the most commons types of home burglary. You should definitely check the video surveillance of the garage before going into the garage to check things out.

Installing Wireless Security Cameras
To install a wireless security camera, you just need to mount the camera and hook up the video receiver inside your home to some type of video monitor. When looking for a security camera to install outdoors of your home, it is important to make sure that the camera is waterproof.


If you want to keep your home safe, installing an outdoor wireless security camera is the way to go. There are a variety of cameras that you will be able to choose from, depending upon what your needs are.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Tips to Picking Out Your Next WiFi Security Camera

If you are looking for a wifi security camera, you may be quite impressed on the variety on cameras there are to choose from. You do not want to just pick one and go with it. You want to get a WiFi security camera that is going to work for you, your home or business. When looking for a WiFi security camera, check out Amcrest for a wide variety of selections to best meet your needs.

wifi camera

Variety of Different WiFi Security Cameras Available

There are different types of WiFi security cameras that you can choose from, which include:
  • Infrared WiFi security cameras
  • Dome WiFi security cameras
  • Pro box WiFi security cameras
  • Pan tilt zoom WiFi security cameras
  • Hidden WiFi security cameras

Infrared WiFi Security Camera

Infrared WiFi security cameras are popular for both home and business use. The cameras offer a high resolution color video during the day. They are able to automatically switch from color to black and white depending upon the type of light available. They are great in both low-light or no-light situations. The cameras can also be weatherproofed and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Dome WiFi Security Camera

Domed cameras offer an additional degree of surveillance because people cannot actually see where the lens of the camera is actually pointing. The smoked cover on the cameras does not affect its picture quality in any way. You get a clear color high resolution picture with the camera.

Pro Box WiFi Security Camera

These security wifi camera are known for their high video quality. These security cameras are found in grocery stores, banks, convenience stores, department stores, and the like.  The lenses can be switched depending upon the viewing angle and zoom that is needed. The cameras can be switched from color during the day to black and white in the evening.

Pan Tilt Zoom WiFi Security Camera

These cameras can be controlled through a DVR, remote viewing software or a joystick. The cameras can go up, down, left and right. The cameras also have capability to zoom in and out. They can be programmed to look at certain areas at certain times of the day. You will find these types of cameras at airports, casinos and large-scale department stores. These are not cheap cameras but they will get the job done.

Hidden WiFi Security Camera

These are the top-notch security cameras. They are used in areas where you do not want someone to know there is a camera. The cameras may look like clocks, smoke detectors and such. These cameras offer a low level of performance in low light and are not weatherproof. You will find these cameras in hotels, pharmacies and homes.

Analog, AHD, HD-SDI, HD-CVI, HD-TVI and IP WiFi Security Camera 

You should always look for a wifi security camera that offers a high resolution, so you know you are getting superior quality. Infrared weatherproof bullet cameras are most popular security cameras for outdoor use. Dome cameras are the most popular type of security camera for indoor use.

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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Keeping Kids Safe with Babysitters

Do you really know how safe your kids are when your babysitter is watching them in your home? This question is a very real for many people that have kids. One way to make sure your children are safe with your babysitter is by the use of an IP camera in your home. You can find a wide variety of these IP cameras from Amcrest.

Types of IP Cameras

There are many different IP cameras that can be chosen from. The five different types of IP cameras include:

•    Decentralized and centralized IP cameras
•    Wired and wireless IP camera
•    Fixed and PTZ IP cameras
•    Day and night IP cameras
•    Megapixel IP cameras

Why Place the Cameras

It is a very good idea to place IP cameras around your house if you have a babysitter watching your child either for an all-day period or for shirt stints of time. You can never make your child too safe while they are in the care of others. Even if you completely trust the person that is caring for your child, you should still have an IP camera placed in your home for the safety of your children. Besides making sure that your child is safe while with the babysitter, you can also check on the things that the babysitter is doing with your child. For example, you may not always want the babysitter just sitting the children in front of the television for the entire day or you may not always want the babysitter sitting around the entire day and not working and playing with your children.

Where to Place the IP Cameras

You should place the IP camera is a place/room that the children are going to be in. Some very good places to install these types of cameras may include their bedroom, the children’s playroom, the kitchen and the living room. You want to place the cameras in places where you are going to be able to monitor your children and the babysitter while you are away from home.

Monitoring the Videos

One way that you can monitor the videos that are taken on an IP camera is by looking at the videos after you get home each night. You do not want to have an IP camera take videos and not watch the videos. You are putting the cameras in your home to make sure your child is safe. If you do not have time to daily watch the videos, you should at least watch them on a weekly basis. Another great way that you can monitor your child while they are with their babysitter is to watch the videos live while your child is with the babysitter. You can simply have the camera transmit over the Internet and you can remotely monitor everything that is going on in the camera’s view. No matter how you decide to monitor the videos on the  IP camera , you need to make sure you are watching them at some point in time.

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