Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Top 10 Convenience Store Safety Tips

There are many different things you can do as a business owner to keep your convenience store safe. One of the major ways to do so is with the use of a wireless security camera, which many can be found from Amcrest. When you are ready to go ahead with getting one of these cameras for your store, you need to check out of the variety of Cameras that can be found there to help keep your convenience store as safe as possible. 

wireless security camera

If you follow a security and safety plan, you can come a long way in preventing a robbery, as well as making sure your convenience store employees are prepared to do the right thing in case of a robbery.


Convenience stores usually experience a higher level of turnover, so it is important to stick to a regular training schedule to make sure everyone has the same level of experience should a robbery situation occur. 

Bullet Resistant Barriers

Bullet resistant barriers are recommended for convenience stores because the chances of criminal activity are huge especially between dusk and dawn. You need to have a system that allows for maximum safety. 

Visibility of Employees From Outside

It is important to make sure your store is stocked with merchandise but you always need to make sure the merchandise does not block the view to the outside. If robbers can see your employees from the parking lot, criminal will be less likely to happen.


You need to make sure the convenience store parking lot well lit. A brightly lit parking lot area will make the robbers less confident. 

Good Security Cameras 

You need to make sure your store has wireless security cameras throughout the store. You can literally watch the cameras from inside an office if need be.

Uniformed Employees

Employees need to wear store uniforms so there would not be any confusion in case of a robbery of who is who.

Panic Buttons

Panic buttons are installed in convenience stores to alert police of a robbery. They should be used after a robbery has happened. If the button is pushed too soon, you could be triggering a hostage situation if the police show up during the robbery. 

Money Available in Register

You never want to have too much money in your cash register at one time. If the store is robbed with a large amount, then the robber may think they can get the same score at another store and it will encourage them to try again. 

Deterring Robbery Attempts

Stickers should be placed on the front door of the store for any safety elements you have in place in your store. Doing this will let the robber know up front and they will think twice about entering into your store and trying to rob it.

Cooperate With Robber

Robbers should be given your full cooperation at all times. The store will be able to recoup the loss. You do not want to do anything to increase the odds of injury.

Monday, 17 October 2016

How to Camouflage Security Cameras

If you are looking for a wireless security camera, you need to look no further than the variety of cameras that can be found from Amcrest. Once you do have a camera, you may want to camouflage the camera as much as possible so other people do not know that you have a camera, if that is something that you do actually desire.

Wireless security cameras are used by homeowners to monitor children, look out for intruders and keep a watch over their home in general. Many homeowners are looking for ways in order to hide these cameras but many times, fail in actually doing so. By simply using a tissue box and a little creative thinking, you can hide a Wifi security camera that is placed out in the open where no one will notice it is even there.

Items Needed 
The following items are needed to use this creative do it yourself trick to hide your amcrest security cameras that are located inside your home:

  • Tissue box
  • Utility knife
  • Wireless security camera

Steps Involved

·         First, you need to make sure that you are using an empty tissue box (but do not discard the tissues). Using a utility knife you can then place a small pinhole in the side of the tissue box.

·         Next, you need to place the wireless security camera into the empty tissue box, making sure that the lens of the camera is pointed out the pin hole you created in the side of the tissue box.

·         Next, you need to place the tissues back into the box, which is going to hide the camera.

Other Ways to Camouflage Cameras

One of the easiest ways to camouflage your cameras in your home is by just placing them in parts of your home that people are not going to notice or where they are hidden by other items. One such place that you could hide the camera is on your night stand. Most people have a variety of items on their night stand. Just simply place the camera behind other items that are on your night stand, making it to blend in. Another place that you can place the camera in order to hide it is near your television or even on top of your television. With all of the other electronic equipment that is surrounding and around your television the security camera will very well likely just blend in with everything else.

Privacy Issues

Remember, you are going to want to consult with your local or federal authorities before using spy or security cameras, so as not to break any privacy laws but as long as you are in your home, you should be completely fine is camouflaging your security camera.


When you are ready for your next home Wireless security camera, you need to check out the IP camera that can be found at Amcrest. Once you have the camera, do not forget to camouflage the camera so others do not know that they are being captured on video.

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Keeping Safe against Home Invasions

If you are looking for a Wifi camera to keep your home safe against home invasions, you need to look no further than Amcrest. You can find a variety of security cameras to keep your home safe and one that will capture good video feeds if your home were to be a victim of a home invasion.

Home invasions are going to happen. Unsuspecting homeowners may be shocked if their doors get kicked in and strange people enter their home. People will do things like this in order to rob a person’s house. Besides taking valuable property inside the home, if you are home, the robber may also cause harm to you and/or your family.

Wifi Cameras

If your home is the victim of a home invasion, a Wifi camera can help in determining who is responsible for robbing your home. While the camera will help to identify the criminal, it is not going to prevent something from happening in the very first place. You can never do everything in order to prevent a motivated criminal from attempting to enter your house but there are steps you can take to slow the robbers down from entering.

Security is going to help buy you time. Locks, alarms and cameras are all just buying time and are not foolproof. Locks can be picked. Alarms will take time in order for police to arrive. 

Home Invasion 

There is a difference between you having a burglary and having a home invasion. A burglary is going to happen when you are not at home. A home invasion happens when you or others are inside your home when the act of robbing you happens. Yes, no one is going to want either of these two events to happen but if you should have to pick between the two, you are definitely want to have a burglary happen to your home. Yes, you may think that if you are home, you will be able to get the person coming into your home but this is something that you are not going to want to do. It is very likely that if a robber has entered your home that they are going to have some weapons on them and may very well use them if they find that they need to. If you do find yourself in the middle of a home invasion, it is best to alert police as soon as possible and try to either get out of your home or to hide until the police are able to arrive. The robber may not have had the intention of harming you or your family when they entered your home but it is very likely that if they find you in the home, something bad may very well happen. 


If you are looking for ways to keeping your home safe from a home invasion, you should look into the variety of Wifi cameras at Amcrest. The best thing you can do for keeping your home safe during a home invasion is to keep burglars from even getting into your home in the first place.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Know What You Are Getting into Before Purchasing a Wireless Security Camera

If you are looking for a wireless security camera, you need to check out the wide variety of cameras that you will find online at Amcrest.com. You will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of cameras and the prices that they are going for.

It is a very good thing how security cameras that can be viewed online but you need to make sure you are safe before you start having your wireless security camera footage streaming over the internet. This article will help to ensure you that you are safe with doing so.

Security Cameras are Not All That Secure

Many wireless security cameras and the software they come with are not built with computer security in mind. Most security cameras and their software are probably easy to be hacked. Your security device could be an ingress point for external hackers into your physical life, so make sure you know how to secure your system before you start steaming your video recordings.

Googleyour Camera

Before purchasing the camera, do some Google searches on the system you are considering. Most of your security cameras are going to run on non-default ports that are well documented and known by attackers.

Change Your Password

Changing your password may seem like a too obvious thing to do but please do make sure that you are doing this simple procedure. Make sure you change the password that is needed to access and/or configure your security cameras or administrative console. Do not go with the pre-programmed password that comes with the camera or software. 

Glass Quality

Many low-end cameras are going to work great up to distances of 10 to 20 feet but are going to fail at distances beyond 30 to 40 feet. Most high-end cameras are going to be able to accurately capture people at 75 to 100 feet. If you want quality video clarity it is going to cost you but it is definitely going to be worth the extra cost. If you need to ever show your recording to police officers, it will definitely be worth it to you in the end.

Camera Features 

The more money you spend, the better the quality and the more features you are going to get. One very good feature to look for is night vision, since this is when a lot of crimes are going to happen. Motion detection is also desirable feature. You may be able to find some IP camera that are a good price and have great features but always check the features before you purchasing a security camera.


If you are looking for wireless security cameras, you definitely should not put off on checking out the variety of quality cameras that can be found at Amcrest. Before you do decide on which Wireless security camera to go with, always make sure that your computer systems are protected against hackers to make sure that you stay safe.

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