Sunday, 1 May 2016

Keeping Kids Safe with Babysitters

Do you really know how safe your kids are when your babysitter is watching them in your home? This question is a very real for many people that have kids. One way to make sure your children are safe with your babysitter is by the use of an IP camera in your home. You can find a wide variety of these IP cameras from Amcrest.

Types of IP Cameras

There are many different IP cameras that can be chosen from. The five different types of IP cameras include:

•    Decentralized and centralized IP cameras
•    Wired and wireless IP camera
•    Fixed and PTZ IP cameras
•    Day and night IP cameras
•    Megapixel IP cameras

Why Place the Cameras

It is a very good idea to place IP cameras around your house if you have a babysitter watching your child either for an all-day period or for shirt stints of time. You can never make your child too safe while they are in the care of others. Even if you completely trust the person that is caring for your child, you should still have an IP camera placed in your home for the safety of your children. Besides making sure that your child is safe while with the babysitter, you can also check on the things that the babysitter is doing with your child. For example, you may not always want the babysitter just sitting the children in front of the television for the entire day or you may not always want the babysitter sitting around the entire day and not working and playing with your children.

Where to Place the IP Cameras

You should place the IP camera is a place/room that the children are going to be in. Some very good places to install these types of cameras may include their bedroom, the children’s playroom, the kitchen and the living room. You want to place the cameras in places where you are going to be able to monitor your children and the babysitter while you are away from home.

Monitoring the Videos

One way that you can monitor the videos that are taken on an IP camera is by looking at the videos after you get home each night. You do not want to have an IP camera take videos and not watch the videos. You are putting the cameras in your home to make sure your child is safe. If you do not have time to daily watch the videos, you should at least watch them on a weekly basis. Another great way that you can monitor your child while they are with their babysitter is to watch the videos live while your child is with the babysitter. You can simply have the camera transmit over the Internet and you can remotely monitor everything that is going on in the camera’s view. No matter how you decide to monitor the videos on the  IP camera , you need to make sure you are watching them at some point in time.

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